Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions. We’ve have answered them to give a better understanding. Should in case you need more clarification, enquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact details on our contact page.

Think carefully about your business, is there a specific area of business you think your company has excelled in over the last 12 months? Is there a person or projects which stands out from your other parts of the business? Or has the whole business produced excellent growth? Once you can answer this, go to award category and apply.

Our success and growth are largely facilitated thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Some of the greatest business leaders and industry experts are invited to join our panel of judges. We are delighted to unveil a portfolio of renowned decision makers across various industry sectors

Judges are invited to participate in the competition based on their experience, business acumen and expertise. You can apply to be a judge here…… (Apply form) and if eligible will be invited.

  1. Meeting the specific award criteria
  2. Leadership
  3. Results and growth
  4. Creativity and innovation
  5. Real customer focus
  6. Support
  7. Engaging people
  8. Ethics


For sponsorship contact: 09066402827 or

Any organization or person in Nigeria can be nominated

Yes, any organization can participate.

Yes, it will be live streamed and aired on television.

We would invite start-ups to create and submit their business pitch videos for a chance to compete for public video vote winner.

Winner prize: N1 million